Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Family Photo Shoot

Here are the pictures of our recent family photo shoot. I think they are so good. Our photographer did a wonderful job. I posted all the different ones I could as far as background, etc. Two were posted sideways because I have no idea how to flip them. We had a lot of fun with this. I am going to try hard to have pictures taken before another 5 years goes by. :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day Pictures 2010

Christmas 2010 was a bit different. We were 5 hours from our families. It was our decision, an agonizing one. Though the weather they were calling for went west of here, you never know what it could have done. Our dogs had a good Christmas for sure, which was one of our main concerns, them being at home in their own environment. I have to say we enjoyed one another's company, and being able to relax a little. It was different, yet my kids were more excited than ever before. Dalayna knew many secrets about what everyone was getting, and she said to me,"Mom, I can't wait for tomorrow to get here. My bottle of secrets is about to pop!!" So, here we are first thing Christmas morning. We hadn't been awake more than 2-3 minutes. Can you tell?
Terry finding lots of candy in his stocking, which Dalayna has purchased with her own money the past couple of years. She loves this job, and it is her idea. She loves stuffing everyone's stocking with candy.
Remington opening his gift. He tore open the present, then ate most of the paper, unfortunately. He opened it completely by himself.

Ranger, on the other hand, wasn't so sure about opening his present.

Remington waiting anxiously for Terry to take the tags off his toy. He played with it for a few minutes, then Ranger stole it and chewed the ball right off.

Notice Ranger in the background. We bought him a large rubber bone we thought would be hard to destruct, but I am telling you that dog, as little as he is, can destroy the most indestructible toy!! Here Remington and Terry are playing tug-of-war.

Colby opening the broadhead arrows we bought him for Christmas. He is all set to go hunting again one last time before the season ends. Let's hope he will come home with a deer this time.

This one picture of me, minus make-up. I figured I can post ONE picture like this in my lifetime

Terry and Colby opening a gift from Dalayna.

Here is what was in the box: Mizzou hats in camouflage. They were definitely the favorite gift of the day. In case no one knew, we are huge Missouri Tigers fans in this house. If you question that, just look at how many Mizzou clothing items hang in our closets. Better yet, ask my mom how much she has spent buying Mizzou gear for us since we can't get it up here!! We will forever be Missourians at heart!!

Colby's big gift of the day: a bow and arrow case. By that evening, he had his bow and arrow all ready to go for the next and last round for the year.

Dalayna's long-awaited doll. This wasn't a very good picture of the doll, so there is one of the doll just below this. It is such a pretty doll, and she is happy because it looks Chinese.

Dalayna has named her Lucy.

Snow pants, a must for living up here in the frozen tundra. :)

Last but not least, the ham Terry's company gave us for Christmas. It is huge. I estimated it weighed between 15-20 pounds. It tasted delicious and we have so much left over it is unbelievable. We will probably be eating ham up until it is time to eat an Easter ham!! Can anyone think of different ways you use leftover ham?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve Pictures

Here are the pictures we took Christmas Eve. Dalayna and Caillou had matching outfits and coats for tonight. Caillou even went to church with us last night. Someone at church said I should have picked out an extra large in the girls section and matched them. :) I sure do love the sparkle in this dress!! My 2 precious children.

My handsome son, who just can't seem to stop getting older and taller!!

Terry and me. Of course after we take these pictures we are checking out if we are showing signs of aging!!

I love this picture. Terry always takes a good picture.

Dalayna forgot to smile, but overall still a good picture. Maybe it's the photographer....?

After church we decided to let them open one gift each.

I followed in my cousin's footsteps and bought them new pajamas to wear for Christmas Eve. Colby's are Star Wars sleeping pants. He loves sleeping pants!!

Baby Caillou all dressed up for Christmas Eve.

For an added twist, we decided to sleep in the basement on Christmas Eve. Terry and I were in the guest bed, Dalayna on the couch and Colby on the air mattress bed. So, to all a good night!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Biggest Leaf Bag Ever

Long before the snow fell we had plenty of leaves to rake up. They were giving away these extremely large bags where Terry works during the "raking season". Terry brought one home for us to put our leaves in. It was perfect for the job and Dalayna turned it into a personal sleigh. I had my own story with this large bag. Terry and I were out raking leaves one afternoon and I suddenly realized my wedding rings were missing....all 4 bands. It was chilly and my fingers had shrunk, and without even realizing it, all 4 were gone. Thankfully, after a thorough search inside the bag(me crawling around inside with all the leaves while Terry held the top of the bag from falling on me), I found all 4. I wonder what all the people driving by were thinking. Anyway, I was almost in tears as you can imagine. Raking leaves was really hard work, so here she is taking a little break while her daddy pulls her around the yard. This thing was about the size of a double bed in width and very tall. Just perfect for little girls to be pulled around on quite comfortably.

Lots of laughs and smiles!!

And away they go.................................

Meanwhile, big brother can hardly keep his eyes open after getting up at 3:30AM to go hunting.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All Dalayna Wants for Christmas is Her 2 Front Teeth!!

Well, we have started our Christmas weekend with a bang!!! Dalayna pulled her other front tooth this evening. The other tooth has been out since early August with no sign of the new one yet. So, now she literally could sing the song about wanting her 2 front teeth for Christmas. She said it feels so weird, like she has 2 gums. She said she hopes one of them hurries up and comes in. I lost my two front teeth when I was 6 years old, and I used to stand in front of the mirror for however long it took to get those loose teeth out, just like she does. It is amazing how God gave me a child from the other side of the world that is so much like me!!